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Holiday Show with Broomfield Academy

Dress Rehearsal/Show Information (costume list below)

Date:  Dec. 15th

Time:  Show begins at 6pm

Place:  Broomfield Auditorium, 3 Community Park Rd.

 4:05-4:10All team dancers (Brooklyn, Elle, Isabella, Ilana, Karsen)
 4:30pm     London, Ethan, Gemma, Audrina, Chloe, Kat(Wed. 3:45)
 5:00pm    Cici, Paulina, Yuan, Hannah, Scarlett(pre-tap/ballet)
 5:00pm    Charlotte, Kate, Kathleen, Ayla, Adeline (hip hop)

 Please arrive dressed in your costume.  Don’t forget your hairpieces and your shoes ;-)  Bring a water bottle with WATER only in it.
 If you don’t have time to finish your hair and make-up—Don’t worry!  There will be lots of time to do that after dress rehearsal and Miss Julie and Miss Kathe will help everyone.
 Dress rehearsal is critical for setting the spacing on the stage.  Please be on time.  If your child needs a ride to the auditorium from school—Miss Julie or Kathe can help.  Please email us asap.
 PARENTS: at the request of Broomfield Academy, Julie, and Kathe:

1)    No eating or drinking at Broomfield Auditorium or in dressing room.  Do not send snacks, and only water in water bottles.

2)    Parents are welcome to visit the dressing room until 5:45pm.

After that time, please be seated in the audience area.  No parents will be allowed in the dressing room once the show has begun at 6:00pm.  There will be 2 teachers and 2 assistants.

3)    Dancers will stay in the dressing room until the dance portion is over.  Children will not be allowed back into the audience area until intermission.  We want everyone to enjoy the show without the distraction of kids and parents running back and forth.

 Thank you so much parents, for your support!  The kids have worked on their routines for months and are excited to show off their dances! 

Kathe Carande/Julie Cutright

Costume and Hair lists for Holiday Show—Dec. 15, 2016

NOTE:  we will be selling tights (in advance) for this show!  Let your teacher know if you need them!

Monday 3:45 class — Jingle Bells — TAP
Black leo, skirt (all ordered for the class), tan tights, black tap shoes
Hair in a neat ponytail or clipped off the face

Monday 4:30 class —  Sing! — BALLET
Black leo, skirt, red rose (ordered for class), TAN convertible tights, pink ballet shoes(no pink tights for this show)
Hair in a bun

Tuesday 3:45 class — Telephone — HIP HOP
Silver hole-punch top, silver cap (ordered for the class)
In addition, each student will need:
Black leo or cami or tank top (no writing, plain black)
Black leggings or capris (or bootie shorts—team)
Clean tennis, Converse, or jazz shoes — no socks showing
Hair in a low ponytail, clipped back, or bun (Ballet students)

Tuesday 4:30 class — Pure Imagination — CONTEMPORARY
Black leo, black bootie shorts, tan convertible tights, lyrical shoes

Wednesday 3:45 class — Sing! — BALLET (combined);   I Want a Hippo — TAP
Black leo, red skirt, red rose (all ordered for class), TAN tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes
Hair in a bun   (see Kathe for boy's costume and hair)

Wednesday 4:45 — That Man — TAP
Ladies— Multi-color dresses (worn over leo), tan tights
Man —  Santa suit and hat   (All need black tie tap shoes.)

Friday 3:45 Team — Carol of the Bells — JAZZ
 Black leo, black bootie shorts, tan tights, lyrical shoes


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